How to order

The buyer selects the desired products from the catalogues presented in the workshop and puts them in a virtual "basket".

At the end of the selection of products, the Buyer goes to the checkout page.

1. On the checkout page, select the purchase method : with or without registration.

2. Fill in all the fields where you specify your registration data: Last name, First name and Patronymic of the Buyer, delivery address, contact phone number and e-mail of the Buyer.

In the "Address1" field, write the street , house, apartment, office. The "Address2" field is optional where you specify (if necessary ) the neighborhood, block, etc. If there is no additional information in the "Address2" field, enter the data from the "Address1" field or leave the "Address2" field empty.

3. The buyer chooses the delivery and payment methods.

After payment, your order is sent to you within 3 working days by the chosen delivery method, and you are informed of the tracking number, by which you can track the entire path of your order to you.

If the Goods are not in stock, the website administrator is obliged to inform the Buyer about this (by phone or by e-mail).