Napkin holder is a box for napkins made of birch bark, which will perfectly decorate your table. The advantage of our napkin holders is that they are very comfortable and stable due to the horizontal position of the napkins, as opposed to modifications with vertically arranged napkins.To care for the napkin holder, take a sponge or napkin, lightly moisten with water and wipe.

ATTENTION!Due to the specific property of birch bark to change color under the influence of ultraviolet rays or sunlight. Probably, over time, the change in the shade of birch bark to pinkish or dark brown.

ATTENTION! It is not recommended to stay in the immediate vicinity of the heating elements for a long time. Birch bark is a unique natural material that becomes elastic when heated. Therefore, if your birch bark product has changed its appearance (geometry) or lost its shape over time, then you can fix it by heating it with a hair dryer to a hot state. After editing and cooling, the birch bark returns its mechanical properties, and the product again pleases you with its original shape.

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Birch-bark napkin holder "Natural2"

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