About us

  Our workshop is located in the small town of Asino, located in the south of Western Siberia of the Russian Federation, where the secrets of master craftsmen in the manufacture of birch bark products are passed down from generation to generation. Due to the harsh climatic conditions, birch bark becomes elastic and allows you to make unique things out of it. Our workshop produces: bread boxes, tuesas of various sizes and designs ranging from "kids" (d. - 6cm) to " giants "(d. - 30cm), caps, hats, boxes" book", boxes" heart", napkin holders, and much more. The product catalog is incomplete and is therefore constantly updated. Our products are widely known both in the vast expanses of our Homeland and abroad, having established themselves as high-quality products. We only sell what we produce. Online stores that sold our products before 01.2021 have no relation to the production and design of products. Due to the fact that we ourselves produce products from birch bark and sell products without intermediaries, we have low retail prices + constant discounts and promotions. Individual mutually beneficial offers to wholesale buyers. We accept orders for the production of personalized birch bark products with individual design. When placing an order with us, you specify the details of the order to the direct contractor, and not to the intermediary. We have a small team, so the production time of individual orders and products "under the order" can be up to 14 days. We carry out international delivery of orders to 121 countries. You can also visit our store by selecting and clicking on the following highlighted site name "WWW.ETSY.COM"